One Size Does Not Fit All

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Many people remember being told from a very young age that everyone is special. Everyone is unique. What clothes, cars, hairstyles, etc. we like or dislike are recognized as our own unique characteristics, but we don’t think of that diversity when we look at physical, mental and emotional health. Why is it that we acknowledge our differences in so many ways and yet look for the universal fit diet or health plan? Perhaps it is just the simplicity of a quick fix, but the real point is that we have to look more carefully at our unique biology and understand how it contributes to our overall health.

For a while now, there has been a growing and thriving conversation regarding this very concept, which has been identified as bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is about truly giving us license to listen to our bodies and allow the internal voice to become the barometer of our overall health. We have been somewhat listening to our bodies, but typically that is compartmentalized and not looked at holistically. What is fascinating is that our bio-individuality can be impacted on every level by the foods we eat. There are physical, mental and emotional symptoms that can be revealing problems with how our bodies process certain foods.
To find real and lasting relief to areas that we see as having potential issues, we have to evaluate why those things are happening. In many cases, we can identify foods that could be contributing to the issues we are experiencing. Slight differences in how we are made can cause different bodies to react, sometimes in debilitating ways. Our gut health, metabolism, even where we live can alter our quality of health in every way.

So how do you leverage this knowledge to better your own health? I personally recommend starting off with a food journal with a response section for each entry. If you track what you eat and listen to your body, you will potentially start to see the interactions that are inhibiting your quality of life. Start selectively removing those potential triggers and listen to your body for improvement.
It is remarkable the changes that can happen so quickly when we start to understand our own bio-individuality and construct our lifestyle to accommodate the unique way we are made. I also recommend that you reach out to your own healthcare professional to help guide you through this process. Be sure to take a moment and let me know your thoughts and your own experiences regarding bio-individuality.